The house, of 289m2 built and 86m2 of terrace, is located in the old town of Palma. The reforms made by the different owners had left incoherent rooms with disproportionate sizes, some of them inner and dark, and with service areas not appropriate for the needs of the current resident.

In order to solve logically circulations and the light of the pieces, we create a central route where a wall in white lacquered wood and supported by a led line in the floor, turns into the volume that connects the daytime area with the one of night.

Each room has been made according to the wills of the promoters, who wanted that housing was a space for coexistence, but that each piece had its autonomy. We can see this in the rooms of children, where a hanging platform serves both as a desk and bed stand, while a glass box contains the piece of bathroom and dressing room. Day area becomes an open space looking for the high luminosity and prolongation of the outside through the glazed surfaces.

White epoxy resin has been used in the pavement, baseboards and all countertops in bathrooms and kitchen. At the same time also are white walls paintings and lacquered doors and appeased. This uniformity with whites looks forwards the maximum brightness, leaving the contrast to the variability of the furniture.

The end result is spacious and bright spaces that flow toward the others, bound by the different heights of the false ceiling and the play of glass planes with different lighting solutions.